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Luke Price

Head of New BusinessMopinion, The Netherlands

“The Scaleuphero team established a smooth process and consistently reached the monthly targets. They also booked meetings, which led to the client's biggest deal in the targeted region. Overall, they are communicative, proactive, reliable, and efficient.
We considered doing this in house but figured it was way more effective and efficient to outsource. The Scaleuphero team has a no nonsense and almost scientific approach to lead generation which clicked well with us.
All we had to do was tell their team our ideal customer profile, value prop, competitive landscape and basic objections, and they took care of the rest."


Waleed Totari

Head of Business Development Easygenerator, The Netherlands

“The Scaleuphero team has helped us to intensify the market expansion in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for our e-learning tool. The ramp-up was very fast and easy, and we got the first appointments with high-quality leads within a few weeks. I strongly recommend working with Scaleuphero for fast-growing tech companies.”


Sam Shepler

CEO Testimonial Hero, USA

“The Scaleuphero team has successfully helped us with lead generation in Germany for our video production platform. Our US-focused sales approach was effectively adjusted to the German formal and informal requirements and we saw results and revenue almost immediately. Without them, this would have been nearly impossible. It's invaluable to have someone on your side that understands the local cultural and business dynamics. The Scaleuphero team is professional and proactive, as well as considerate and ethical in their approach.”



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Grow Fast

3950 USD/month

● 100+ replies/quarter from unique ICP

tools included

● no set up fee

Explore & Grow

2450 USD/month

 50+ replies/quarter from unique ICP

● tools included

● plus 490 USD set up fee

Learn & Grow

90-140 USD/hour

● depends on the company stage

● depends on the # of hours
● depends on the complexity



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Cooperation process

  • How do you represent us towards potential customers?

    Normally, we contact potential leads or partners on behalf of our customers using their corporate identity. We see it as our responsibility to maintain their good image and treat potential leads with respect.

  • How to start?

    1. You send us your ICP, value proposition & access to a corporate email.2. We build a list of potential leads, incl. our own network, and outreach via email and on LinkedIn while balancing personalisation and automation.3. We process responses and set up qualified appointments for your team.

  • What intent signals do you use in your outreach?

    We use company-level and contact-level data points. For example: sub-industries, staff count in a specific department, company growth dynamic, job postings, technology use, existence or non-existence of relevant roles, recent product launch, recent funding, online reviews, new locations, website traffic, recent layoffs, competitor data, event participation, receiving award, relevant content, customer reviews, M&A, recent employee promotion, and other signals.

  • What sales channels do you use?

    Multi-channel outbound approach:1. Email. Such an outreach works only if the target group is well understood. So It is always best to start with a clear ICP, personas, their pains and motivations. 2. LinkedIn. It is the most effective when it is used in a networking way and not direct sales. To engage people into a discussion is the best starting point.3. Offline. Events and onsite meetings are normally more reasonable if your average contract value is pretty high. 4. Upwork and Clutch. We are also experienced with these and other sales channels. They are reasonable, but we strive to avoid a high competitive environment if possible.

  • Is pure commission-based cooperation possible?

    We don't exclude it, but it is possible after at least 3 months on a retainer. Let's talk about it!

What is special about Scaleuphero?

  • How are you different from other agencies?

    We are a boutique agency and don't run for many customers. We used to perform a full sales cycle at different companies, so we know your position from inside out. Also we strive to use signals and personalisation and not to send spam.

  • Which countries do you have the most expertise in?

    Our main business development expertise is in the German-speaking countries. We have also set up appointments in Nordics, Benelux, the UK, and the US. We plan to experiment with LATAM as well. 

  • Who is behind Scaleuphero?

    The key two persons are Sergiy Sumnikov and Nick Prokopov. We are searchable on LinkedIn where we use the identity of our current and past customers. We are internationally-minded people who have worked the whole professional life with Western target audience.

  • What languages do you speak?

    We are business fluent in English and German. We are learning Spanish.

  • Can you travel around Europe for us?

    Sure, we are based in Europe and used to travel to meet potential and current customers and partners as well as to participate in events if needed.



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